How many science fiction writers does it take to change a light bulb? 

Two, but actually he’s the same guy. He went back in time, met himself, and then one sat on the other one’s shoulders to change it. Of course a major time paradox occurred. The room, light bulb, writer and all got blown out of existence. Poof. They still co-exist in a parallel universe, though.

Sample my portfolio…

For San Diego Reader

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For The Alpenhorn News

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Do Dogs Have Visual Dreams? linkpdf

For The Nest

Do Dogs Understand Object Permanence? link | pdf
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Why Do Some Dogs Squat to Pee? | pdf

For Daily Puppy

Can You Stop a Dog From Howling in His Sleep? link | pdf
Vegetable Oil in Rice & Cottage Cheese for Dogs link | pdf

For How To Adult

How to Get Permanent Marker Off Photographs link | pdf

For eHow

How to move Heavy Furniture on a New Hardwood Floor | pdf
How to connect a Rope to a Boat Anchor | pdf

For USA Today (photography):

Last Supermoon 2014 Best Photos link