On Starting Over

A friend of mine recently said that every good thing needs prayer. Sigh. I suppose this is true. Sometimes it is only by reaching the still-point at the center of one’s being that one finds the patience to do the thing required.

I lost my blog that I’d worked on for the past couple years. Wiped out. Erased. No back-up.

How many times must I start over? As many times as it takes until something sticks. Until something works so well that it takes a life of its own, a destiny of its own.

When the dross is finally burnt away I’ll be left with something precious and irrevocably mine.


Author: Lapinel

C.F. Lapinel is a writer and educator, living in Lake Arrowhead with his wife and child. They also have three dogs and four cats who make their lives very interesting, to say the least.

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