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If someone said “Hey, I’ve got an easy way to make money and live the dream.” and then mentioned freelancing, that person would be a liar. Now there’s a lot of people out there these days saying just that. They’re lying. It’s definitely a good way to live the dream, as long as you don’t mind being broke and always wondering where your next client is going to come from; much less when they’ll pop up and hand you some well-deserved, much-needed cash.

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Freelancing sucks, except for when it doesn’t. It sucks most at night when you’re trying to fall asleep and all you can think about are the things you didn’t get to, forgot about entirely, and ignored because they scare you shitless. It sucks least when you’ve got two or three clients going concurrently and you’re still finding time to write your own stuff, the stuff of your dreams. The latter almost never happens. Yet it’s the constant hope that it might which keeps me going.

Like you I’m looking for that fine, idiosyncratic balance of quantity and quality. You know what I mean. Plenty of soul-satisfying work that allows me to play with my son in the yard and watch a movie with my wife, all with a free and easy conscience. Easier said than done. But (I tell myself) it can be! That’s how I get up in the morning. That’s fundamental to my work ethic and my process.

So, with a BA in Comparative Lit and an MLitt in Creative Writing, two TEFL certificates, 15+ years experience as a freelancer, and another pot of coffee brewing downstairs this writer is set. It’s another day and the dreams are hot, fresh, and flaky AF.

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