Off the Cuff Update

So it’s been a minute since my last post. And I apologize for that. Haven’t been idle though. I’ve got all the hamsters on the run, wheels spinning, as I formulate the next step in my incredibly serendipitous journey as a writer. I mean all this to say I’ve been busy.

My wife is reaching the final draft stage of writing The Book of Persistence, which I’ve been helping with in an editorial capacity. Our children’s book, The Day Daddy Forgot to Cut the Grass, is in its middle stage. We’re at the beginning stages of writing a vegan picture book too. In the midst of this I’ve been fine-tuning the editorial trajectory of this wonderful site. Going ahead with the decision to boldly strike out in the direction that calls my heart, while haplessly hoping that somehow I can make a living from it…more on that later. Suffice it to say, I’ve hired Rita, my amazingly talented and visionary wife, to help me with the the thematic and artistic direction of Bluestone Scribe! Woot woot!

CF Lapinel
Got that chic bee-stung look!

Of course, none of this is happening in a vacuum. A protracted construction project completely upended my office space, moving me across the hallway into what was once our bedroom — now a complete apocalypse of disorganized multi-tasking, taken to its extreme limits. Think ADHD intentionally allowed to run its wildest course. Because when you try to restrain your ADHD you don’t know how to get started. Although if you don’t eventually try to restrain it then you’ll never get anything finished either. And as this is going on, my day job situation is also a thing in transition, as I scale back the carpentry work, delve back into teaching TEFL, and dip my toes in landscaping for an absolutely wonderful eco-conscious work co-op. Far be it from me, not to keep things rolling at ridiculously interesting and nigh impossible pace. Rita, who does not suffer from ADHD (allegedly) is just as bad as me. She’s got way more on her plate than any one person should reasonably try to balance. We’re made for each other. However, it’s not as though we (or I) have any choice in the matter.

We live for our zaniness, our creativity. Our house needs repairs and modifications. Jobs and clients come and go. And most importantly, our family is growing! Shhh! That last bit is a secret. So don’t tell anyone. Cool?

Teacher Kitt’s TEFL Courses!

At any rate, this is where I’m at in my life at the moment. There will be a torrent of projects and lovely conceptual twists upcoming from my wife and me; not to mention this site! Watch for us!

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