Chasing the Dream

Ever since I first discovered my wild yearning to write I’ve wanted to write children’s literature. Perhaps it was the manner of my conversion. Regardless, to date, all I have to show for it is an unpublished children’s fantasy novel. Today all of this is going to change.

Reading at the library.
One of my favorite past times as a kid!

My wife (Rita Bolla) and I settled on one of our many dream projects about three months ago and after extensive brainstorming and outlining, the hard part begins. We are setting out now to the shops, Computer Hut and Manny’s Art Supply, to purchase the materials we need. And I plan to start drafting the story this afternoon. A children’s picture book all about the miracles and frights of an unkempt yard. It’ll be dedicated to our son Joaquín (a.k.a. Kino).

Exciting times. Exciting times.

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