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Our Approach

The written word is one of humanity's most powerful tools. It has the power to wound and the power to heal. It can elevate heroes and destroy villains. Yet even when it's not doing anything half so lofty, it can be pretty useful. An inspired word or two can shape destinies. Whatever your needs (proof reading, blog websites, or just a darn good copywriter), if you dig brilliance, try Bluestone Scribe.

Our Story

After finishing an MFA program at St. Andrews University in 2005, I decided to test my newly acquired diploma and start my own freelance literary business. That was many moons ago now and having weathered many storms over the years here we are, standing our ground. We have learned quite a lot, bruised our egos a few times along the way, but we have always delivered.

Meet the Team

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C.F. Lapinel

Bluestone Scribe

Christopher is a writer and educator, living in Lake Arrowhead with his wife and child. They also have three dogs and four cats who make their lives very interesting, to say the least.

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